Relaxation in Salt Room

Join us for a 1 hour session of relaxation; learning and practising different relaxation and mindfulness techniques in the comfort of a therapeutic salt room.

Wednesday 23rd October 1pm til 2pm

First Tuesday of every month. 7pm til 8pm
5th November
3rd December

  • Relaxation can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve digestion, improve sleep quality, reduce muscle tension and pain and improve mood 

  • Salt therapy promotes better breathing and can help with respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinuses, allergies. It can also promote healthier skin and help with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. 

Booking required –limited spaces. Call 020 8432 9796 

Salt & Wellness 81/87 Avenue Road Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4EQ