Stress management

Stress management and well-being courses and workshops

We provide stress management courses and workshops that can be adapted to suit your employees’ availability and your budget.  These training courses will help your employees understand and manage their stress better, using a CBT approach and Mindfulness. 

We can run a short one hour session on stress awareness and coping strategies, or we can run longer workshops or courses, which will allow your employees to learn more in-depth strategies, including a chance to practice Mindfulness and Relaxation to help manage their stress.

Cost of training

£30 per hour for trainer.  
Plus £5 per learner per session.  (Minimum 4 learners – maximum 14)

If you require us to provide training venue, this will be extra.

Stress in the workplace statistics

2017/2018  15.4 million days lost due to stress, anxiety and depression in Great Britain

57% of absenteeism due to stress, anxiety and depression

1 in 5 people have taken days off due to stress.  However 90% have cited a different reason

3 in 5 people said they would feel more loyal, motivated and committed if they felt their employer supported their well-being.h